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Wine Stuff to Know: Never Miss a Wine Day!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Well of course you don't need a reason to drink a glass of wine. But you can't let a wine holiday pass without celebrating!

First, why do these wine "holidays" exist? There are multiple reasons including: to celebrate a wine's release, peek of the harvesting season, in memory of a date that had a significant impact to the that grape or region, raise recognition for a lesser known region or to celebrate the grapes itself.

How does a wine, or anything for that matter, get a national or international holiday? Someone will apply for it; could be a company, an organization or a group. The details of that process and accompanying regulations won't fit in with this blog post today, but if you are curious - plenty of information can be found online through an internet search.

There are more ways to celebrate than just drinking the wine! Though that is highly encouraged. Share what you are drinking on social media - there is likely a hashtag to accompany the day - and connect with others enjoying the holiday. Read more in depth about the wine, the grape or the style being celebrated. Pick up a few different bottles of the wine from different regions that grow that wine from around the world - and have a personal wine tasting!

Here are many of the International and National wine days and their dates. Note: there is likely more days beyond this list and dates are always subject to change. Use this list as a guide.

  • February 1: International Furmint Day

  • February 18: National Drink Wine Day

  • March 3: Mulled Wine Day

  • April 15: International Tannat Day

  • April 17: International Malbec Day

  • April 24: Sauvignon Blanc Day

  • May 9: Moscato Day

  • May 21: Chardonnay Day

  • May 25: Wine Day

  • June 11: Rosé Day

  • 4th Thursday of July: Shiraz Day

  • August 1: Albariño Day

  • August 4: White Wine Day

  • August 13: Prosecco Day

  • August 18: Pinot Noir Day

  • September 3: International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

  • 3rd Friday of September : International Grenache Day

  • 2nd Saturday of October: International Pinotage Day

  • November 1: International Xinomavro Day

  • November 7: International Merlot Day

  • November 12: International Tempranillo Day

  • November 19: Zinfandel Day

  • November 24: Carmenère Day

  • 3rd Thursday of November: National Beaujolais Nouveau Day

  • December 4: Cabernet Franc Day

  • December 20: Sangria Day

  • December 31: National Champagne Day

Never want to miss a National Day matter the topic? Check out: for more information and a daily calendar of national holidays.

~Cheers & Ears


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