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Magic Kingdom Firework Party: Booze Has Entered The Chat

Love an additional cost add-on, or hate an additional cost least this one now serves beer and wine.

When I last did a fireworks party, it was fall of 2019. There were drinks and treats a plenty, more than I could ever eat in one sitting though I tried. Though none of them were adult beverages. Not surprising since this fireworks party was at Magic Kingdom. Even as someone who loves amusement park adult beverages, I understand only serving alcohol at Magic Kingdom sit-down restaurants. Across the other park properties, fireworks parties do include alcohol. Wine and beers at the (now no longer) Star Wars pre-show at Hollywood Studios. Pre-made cocktail at with the Fantasmic dessert package. Now, Magic Kingdom fireworks parties have started offering beers and wines.

Firework parties occur before and after the fireworks show. I like the after show; more relaxed, less of a rush, avoid those post-show crowds. In both option, beer and wines are now offered. And....they are included?! They are not extra on top of the extra?! You can get as many as you'd like, but I'm sure the cast members are keeping an eye out for any bad behavior. During my event, plenty of adults had a beverage or two at their table, and there was no unrulliness. Well done everyone. Let's not bite this alcohol hand that is feeding us.

Okay, so the biggest question? What are the options? Well of course, they are subject to change at any time. These may not be the exact ones you'd get. What they did have, was variety. Surely everyone could find an option they liked.

For beers, they offered Blue Moon (with orange slice!) and a mass market light beer (that I apparently didn't even bother to write down the name of!). Since I like blue moon, that was good enough for me.

For wine, more options. You could choose from a white wine, which was Chardonnay. A red wine, which was a red blend from Argentina. A sweet white, a Moscato d'Asti. And finally, bubbles! - A cava, dry from Spain.

Everything is pre-poured, awaiting the mass of people arriving. Then they will pour more as the glasses are taken. You do order from a bartender who will grab you the glass of your selection. That, I'm sure, is way safer than letting us clumsy tourists try to do it.

Since the price is included, you can try something you normally wouldn't! Took the chardonnay but didn't like it? Drink some water ( then go up for something else. Since I love cava and red blends, I went with those two. Also, the previously mentioned Blue Moon.

For a question I can't answer - is it worth it? For me, I am way more likely to do a post-fireworks dessert party, knowing I can relax after a long day in the Tomorrowland Terrace (where the parties are held) and enjoy a glass of wine with desserts. Although, it is expensive for an already expensive trip. It comes down to whether it is worth it to you. I find this is a nice treat if you are celebrating a special occasion. Or, as a present to you and your traveling party.

Remember, as with anything related to alcohol. Drink responsibly.

~Cheers & Ears

All lined up and ready!

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