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Wine Review: Oga's Cantina

*Stefon Voice* This Galaxy's Edge cantina has everything. A robot DJ, alcoholic concoctions that bubble and fizz, craft beers, Mickey Mouse ears and Star Wars T-Shirts (though you'll have to explain to the residents of Batuu what a Star Wars is). And of course, wine. The draw of Oga's may not be the wine with so many delightful beverages offered by the witty bar keeps. But don't overlook the wine as an option on your next visit.

Oga keeps two wines on her menu, one red and one white. She reached out to Goldschmidt Vineyards on the Planet Earth, sector California, region Sonoma, for producing her unique wines.

The red wine is the Imperial Guard made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. This deeply ruby hued wine has notes of red cherry, raspberry, caramel, dark chocolate and spice with a long finish. Quick wine lesson: "Finish" in a wine refers to how long the flavors linger in your mouth. I recommend this wine if you are a red wine lover or plan to order the charcuterie board. This wine will pair nicely with the galactic meat and cheeses.

The white wine is Toniray made from the Chardonnay grape. This wine was originally produced on Alderaan before it's demise from a Death Star blast. Goldschmidt Vineyards has recreated this crisp teal colored wine, harnessing the original flavors of green apple, Meyer lemon, white peach, apricot and vanilla. I recommend this wine if you want something more simple than the crazier beverages or if your favorite color is teal.

What is your must order at Oga's Cantina?

~Cheers & Ears


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