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Wine Inspired by: Merida 🐻🏹

Merida from Brave took park goers by surprise on July 7th during cast member previews by arriving in the Magic Kingdom atop Angus! In celebration, today we will dig into a wine inspired by the leading lady of Brave ~ Whistling Arrow Malbec.

And why is this wine inspired by Merida? First, her tool of choice is the bow and arrow - prominently displayed on wine's label. She'd be overjoyed to pick this bottle up at her local wine shop! (As soon as she turns a legal drinking age of course). Second, she'd be brave enough to try this Californian Malbec. The malbec grape flourishes and is a remarkable expression of the terroir of Argentina. Wine drinkers most often think of Argentina when considering malbec wines; overlooking their offerings in France and California. Newer wine drinkers are often cautious of trying something outside their "usual." But Merida and I both think you can easily change your wine drinking fate by exploring new options and tasting different varieties!

Wine Information

Whistling Arrow - Lodi, California

Grape: Malbec

Dry, Full Body, 13.6% ABV

Black cherry, plum, baking spices, hint of earthy notes

~Cheers & Ears


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