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Wine Inspired By: Bella Notte (Lady & The Tramp)

This is the wine. It's a beautiful wine.

Wine inspired by...Bella Notte ❤️ Tony’s restaurant would have an amazing wine list, full of delicious Italian wines🍴Italian winemakers loves to craft their wine to pair with regional cuisines - Lady & the Tramp will find this Italian red blend a lovely match to their spaghetti with extra meatballs 🐶 🍝🐶

🤍 Amore Assoluto by Antiche Terre Venete (Ancient Venetian Lands)

⚪️ Grape: 🍇 Blend of local grapes

◻️ Off dry, medium body, medium tannin, medium acidity, 13.5% abv

◽️ Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, plum, chocolate, vanilla 📍 Verona, Italy

~Cheers & Ears


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