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Wine Inspired By: Grandmother Willow

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Released in June of 1995, Pocahontas turns 25 years old this year! Celebrate a viewing on Disney+ with a Pocahontas inspired wine. Like this one that channels the likeness of Grandmother Willow.

And why else is this wine inspired by Grandmother Willow? Listen to your wine. You will understand 🍂 To full enjoy a glass of wine, use all your senses. Listen to the pop of the cork, listen to the wine splashing into the glass. Look at the label, what does it tell you about the wine? (Vineyard, country, vintage, grape and more). Look at the color of the wine in the glass - how dark or light is the hue? Does it catch the light and glisten? Smell the wine, multiple times; really enjoy each sniff and try to find new flavors in each sniff. Taste the wine, sip slowly to get each great flavor. What fruits do you taste? Herbs? Sweet treats like vanilla or cinnamon or honey? And finally, the feel - how does it feel on your palate? Drying from tannins? Creamy bubbles dancing around from a sparkling wine?

This is a mindful and thoughtful approach to drinking wine. Wine will become more than just a drink, but a real experience you can fall in love with from your whole heart.

Wine Information:

🤍 Kalypto - Big Rivers, Australia

⚪️ Grape: Blend of various grapes

◻️ Dry, Full Body, 13.3% ABV

◽️ Notes of black cherry, strawberry, brown sugar and smoke

~Cheers & Ears


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