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Journey Into Your Imagination...With Wine!

One little sip for inspiration

Let's talk about how to unlock your imagination with wine. Wine is more than a beverage; it is a creation of art and science at the hands of winemakers and vineyard workers. I believe if we slow down, sip slowly, and savor the wine in our glasses we can unlock more of our own creativity and imaginations (not to mention some sorely needed time to decompress).

And just how do we go about tapping into our creative minds and energies by drinking wine? There isn't one right way; it is however you choose, though it starts with slowing down and savoring. Below are my suggestions and tips. Start to finish, these ideas won't take more than 5 minutes, tops. If you have more time, take more time, research the wine or grapes. And you don't have to do this every glass of wine to be effective. Maybe you'll find after doing it a few times, you want to do it every time :)

Ideas for embracing creativity through enjoying wine

When opening the bottle, read the label. Imagination unlock: Appreciate the design of the label; the artistry that may have gone into the logo or the simplicity of fine lines. If you have more than 5 minutes, google the vineyard, learn about it soil and growing season climate.

When pouring the wine and after it reaches your class, look at it. Swirl it. Study the color. Imagination unlock: can you find more words to describe the color than just "clear" "purple" "pink" or "yellow"?

When smelling the wine. Swirl the wine, watch how it dances in the glass and take some sniffs. What do you smell? Imagination unlock: Can you try to find scents that are beyond fruit and vanilla? Does it remind you of a discontinued perfume you loved? The candle your grandmother burned every Christmas Eve? The scent of pastries freshly baking? (I've sniffed wines with spicy and smokey notes that were reminiscent of the burning Rome scene in Spaceship Earth. And remember, if you are reading this blog post...thank the Phoenicians).

When tasting the wine. Take a sip. Notice as it moves across your tongue. Think about the flavors you are tasting, the sensations (tannin, acidity). Imagination unlock: Sip slowly, try to find a different flavor with each sip. (Need extra inspiration? Use the app "Vivino" to find the wine you are drinking. Look at the notes. If the notes say blackberries and vanilla, take a sip and see if you can find them). Extra credit: If you could drink this wine anywhere in the world, where would it be? A beach blanket on a summer day? At the top of your favorite hiking trail?

There are many benefits to enjoying wine this intentional and deliberate way.I wasn't going to write them out as bullets...but here we are...because I love a list.

  • Life is hectic enough already. Drinking our wine doesn't need to be.

  • When was the last time you really slowed down to savor your food or beverage?

  • You learn more about wine, the grapes and the styles you enjoy drinking by thinking mindfully about each sip.

  • We can tap into the creative, daydreaming mindset we often lose sight of when we are focused on productivity and "adulting" stuff

  • Figment will be SO proud of you!

When I sit down with a glass of wine, I don't rush. That wine is a glass I've been looking forward throughout the day or is a splurge for a Saturday night out dinner.

Olivia Pope may guzzle her reds, but that makes for better TV I suppose? (Though the Somm documentaries and Uncorked TV series are the slowed down drinking and make for excellent viewing).

Don't believe me? Here's a quote from a very qualified someone:

"Anything that engages your creative mind - the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagive new ways to communicate - is good for you." -Girija Kaimal, Drexel University Professor and Researcher

Now get out there and sip tonight's wine extra slowly and with a little spark of inspiration.

~ Cheers & Ears

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