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The Best EPCOT Drinking Tip You Don't Know Yet

You've read, experienced, and learned everything about wine and cocktails and beer (oh my!) in EPCOT'S World Showcase. Well, I've got a snazzy NEW tip to share with you on remembering what you've had for beverages on your World Showcase travels....

The EPCOT Passport Booklet. This booklet is part of the children's KIDCOT adventure. The blank pages are designed for kids to use at EPCOT KIDCOT stops along the World Showcase promenade. Anyone can buy one! You don't need to promise to do KIDCOT or show proof of completion.

Today, I'm letting you know about a new way to use the booklet - adult beverage tasting journal! The blank lined pages make perfect spaces to log the drinks you purchased and take notes about each.

Aka. World Showcase Drinking Journal
EPCOT Passport Activity Book

Blank Pages for Beverage Notes

The booklet is small - easily carried in your pocket, backpack or purse.

At the end of your adventures you not only have a great list of drinks (this way you can look for them at your local liquor store) but also a nice keepsake of your trip around World Showcase.

With 2020's Taste of EPCOT Food & Wine Festival making use of the Disney App for festival information, this tip is even more useful. Many of us loved peeling our stamp to mark where we've been after crossing out the treats we tried at each booth. This passport booklet allows you to take those notes.

Bonus! By the time you arrive to Canada, you don't have to struggle to remember what you got while visiting Mexico!

Friendly reminder. The passport booklet is not free (like festival passbooks). It can be purchased at various locations around EPCOT

~Cheers & Ears


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