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Inspired By Wine: Jiminy Cricket

And why is that? Well, the cricket on the label. More than that though, much like Jiminy Cricket is a beloved Disney character and a beacon for those of us who wish upon stars, Shiraz is the most loved and premier grape of Australia. As "When You Wish Upon a Star" was one of the first Disney songs you ever learned, Shiraz is likely the first wine you've tasted from Down Under as its popularity grows around the world. Jiminy's song "When You Wish Upon a Star" is the anthem most representative of Disney, so to is Shiraz the hallmark of Australian red wines.

Wine Information:

Double Century. Riverina Australia.

Dry, medium body, medium tannins, medium acid, 13.8%ABV

Black fruits (blackberry, blueberry) and red fruits (raspberry, cherry), smoke and eucalyptus (very common in Australian wines)


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