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Inspired by: Kuzco

And why is that? Because Emperor Kuzco can’t possibly open Kuzcotopia without an incredible featured wine! Shipping this wine from Argentina to Kuzco’s home of Peru will be easy, as they are near neighbors in South America. Lujan de Cuyo in Argentina is a premier area for Malbec - quality fit for an emperor! A telltale sign that your wine is made from Malbec is the color - magenta bright and royal purple - colors fit for an emperor!

Quick wine lesson: Malbec is often associated with Argentina, as it flourishes there with all the sunshine. Originally, the grape is from France, where it was only a minor player as it didn’t thrive in the local climate. (Taste test! Try a Malbec from Argentina and from Cahors, France and see how they compare and differ).

Wine Information:

Llama - Estate Bottled by Belasco de Baquedano from Mendoza, Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina

Grape: Malbec

Deep purple, dry, medium+ body, medium acidity, medium tannin

Notes of red currant, cranberry, red plum, clay, espresso, tobacco leaf, mushroom, dried leaves, smoke


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