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Finding Inspiration & Calm Through Wine

Long time no blog post - I know. I've had some serious writers block. I'd sit at my laptop and think of a topic that'd be interesting; something I felt knowledgeable to talk about. Of course something that wasn't repetitive from previous posts. And I kept coming up with nothing, for weeks. Then I had a lightbulb moment.

I was sitting at my laptop, looking at the screen, trying to think of a wine topic to write about. I was trying to force an idea to come to me, on the spot. I was going about it wrong, though I didn't realize it.

Drinking a glass of wine one night, calmly sniffing and swirling, tasting and thinking about the fruits I smelled, it finally came to me. I wanted to write about wine starting at my laptop, instead of starting at the wine! When you go to a wine tasting, you are taught how to smell and taste your way thoughtfully through the wines. If your mind starts to wander, then you lose that train of thought or miss a portion of the class. Kind of like how in yoga, if you lose your gaze or focus, your mind racing, you'll feel clumsy in the poses.

All of this is to say, when a problem comes along, a situation where you feel stuck, maybe stop trying to think so hard on it or force it. There is a reason going for a walk to clear your head is common advice. If the walk doesn't work, pour yourself a glass of wine, think just about all the faucets of the delicious wine you are enjoying, and let your mind wander for a while. We are always "on" - enjoy a glass and let your brain daydream. Maybe some inspiration will finally strike. Maybe you'll just feel better; more relaxed for a few moments Whatever the end result, cheers to being just a little easier on ourselves.

~Cheers & Ears

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