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Festival of the Arts 2021: Winning Wines

EPCOT's artfully delicious Festival of the Arts really outdid itself this year. Celebrating its 5th year as a festival at Walt Disney World, dish after dish, drink after drink, was a delight. Beautiful delights, as the plating and colors really take to heart eating with your eyes. The park was decorated throughout with photo ops and tents full of various artist's Disney inspired work. A truly cheerful joy of colors and flavors to start 2021.

But don't forget the wine. Overall, I found the sparkling wine offerings to be the stand out wine category of the Festival of the Arts 2021. The reds were well selected and placed as they paired wonderfully with the food offered at their respective booths. The white wines were average - the Chablis at Cuisine Classique and the Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc at Refreshment Port being my favorites. The rosés did not come to play; they were on the lighter side but lacked enough flavor or pizazz to match the perky ambiance of the World Showcase.

If you only can only pick a few wines to enjoy at this year's Festival of the Arts, here are my top recommendations (with photos below):

  • Pinord La Dama Reserva Familiar Brut Rosé at "The Painter's Palate" in the World Showplace event space. A flavorful and delightful rosé sparkling wine.

  • Florida Orange Groves Winery: Sparkling Key Lime at "The Citrus Blossom" near Canada. Tart and sweet and flavorful (and made of key limes!)

  • Masu Sake at "Goshiki" (Japan Pavilion). Not familiar with sake? This one is mostly dry, with just a touch of sweetness and a smooth, clean flavor.

  • L'Arte Di Mangiare (Italy Booth). The whole booth for wine! They have white wines, red wines, sparkling wine, sangria and wine cocktails - there is a glass of wine to make anyone happy here!

  • Charles Lafitte, Brut Méthode Traditionnelle Champenoise at "L'Art de la Cuisine Française" in front of the France Pavilion. This is also my winner for best wine to get an people watch - you can see all around as well as behind to the Skyliner.

  • Red Wines with Food. If you are grabbing some food at a booth, and want a good pairing - go with the red wine offered there. The reds wine this festival pair really well with the food offered at the same booth.

Do you have a favorite wine from this year's Festival of the Arts? Share it below! And stay tuned later this week for Winning Wines - Part 2

~ Cheers & Ears

Pinord Brut Rosé
Charles Lafitte Brut Champenoise
The Masu Sake is Served in a Wooden Cup
The Long Wine List at Italy's Festival Booth
Sparkling Key Lime


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