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All About: The EPCOT Wine Walk

Wine enthusiasts traversing the 1.2 miles of EPCOT's World Showcase are never far from a pavillion or booth serving a glass of wine. If you are looking for some of the BEST wine in World Showcase - considering going on the EPCOT Wine Walk.

How does it work? For $32 you get six samples of wine, two souvenir wine glasses that are used for the samples, and a card to record your adventures. The three participating locations are Aux Vins de France in France, Enoteca Castello at Italy and the Weinkeller from Germany. You can purchase the Wine Walk at any of these locations and do them in any order you please. I recommend starting in France. When tasting multiple wines, it is the norm to start with dry styles, like those provided in France, and work towards those that are sweeter. Wine lesson: Sweetness in wine comes from leftover sugars after fermentation.

In France, you will receive two dry wines, one white and one red. I sampled a Vouvray and a Pinot Noir. As the cast member pours your wines, they will tell you about them then stamp your passport to mark your visit. There is no time limit on the Wine Walk - you can go directly to Italy, or stop in at another pavilion along the way. Once you arrive at the wine shop in Italy, you'll be given a white wine sample as well as a red. I got to try the Sartori Ferdi made from Garganega grapes (and now one of my favorite wines at EPCOT) and a Lambrusco. Lambrusco is an Italian red wine that often has a small amount of sweetness; making this it the perfect second stop on your Wine Walk.

The third and final stop is next door at Germany. The Weinkeller is tucked in the back of the pavilion and boasts long tables and open space - perfect for taking notes and photos of your wines. Both wines here will be white wines in the sweetest style you've had today. My visit had me sampling a slightly sweet Spatlese made from Riesling grapes and a medium-sweet Liebfraumilch blend (from the grapes Riesling, Silvaner, Kerner and Muller-Thurgau).

Have you done the Wine Walk? Which wines did you get to sample on your visit?

~Cheers & Ears

Remember: Bring your ID - this is a 21+ activity only.

Pro-Tip: Take photos of the wines or use an app like Vivino so you can find your favorites locally when you return back home.

Quick Note: The wines offered do change - you may not get the same samples as I did.


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