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All About: Once Upon a Vine Wines

Once Upon a Vine...there was a grape that believed he could make a beautiful wine. He grew ripe in the California sun, before being picked from his branch and sent to a winery. Here he was pressed for his fruity sweet juices, was aged in oak, gathering notes of vanilla and toast, eventually being released into the world as a bottle of red wine. His bottle was stocked onto a shelf...AT WALT DISNEY WORLD. I love a happy ending.

"Discover a new twist on an old favorite" with these fantasy inspired wines produced by Bronco Wine Company

What a happy fate for grapes of California to be made into wine that will be sold at Disney World or to Disney wine lovers. That destiny is made possible by the Bronco Wine Company of California. This wine company is the producer of multiple domestic and import wine brands, including Once Upon a Vine wines that are found at Disney parks, Disney Springs and Disney resorts.

The wine options the brand currently produce are:

  • The Big Bad Red Blend

  • Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc

  • A Villainous Zinfandel

  • The Fairest Chardonnay

  • A Charming Pinot

  • Enchanted Woods Bubbly

The wines are created from grapes grown all over California, at different vineyards, and come together to make the wine. This is why the bottle will only say California and not a specific region. To be clear, this practice isn't "bad" or to trick the consumer. It is common practice for people who want to produce wines but are not able to grow their own grapes; they can purchase them from other vineyards or farmers. Some vineyards only produce grapes to sell to winemakers, they don't make any wines from their grapes, and some have leftover grapes from harvest they do not need and sell (no wine grape left behind!).

Once Upon a Vine wines are made to be chill, easy drinking glasses of wine. It is likely you will be enjoying sips from your hotel room balcony if you pick up a bottle in the gift shop after a long day at the park. If you drove to Walt Disney World, taking a bottle or 5 home is easy enough to pack up in your vehicle. You can also purchase these bottles to if you are flying home, remember to put them in your checked luggage and wrap them up well! (I always travel with plastic or other disposable bags. Even if the bottle does break, you should be able to keep the glass shards confined to the bag).

Look for these wines (as well as beers and other adult beverages) next to the pins and plushes at your resort gift shop. Okay, not literally RIGHT next to. Spaced slightly far apart for the 21+ crowd and typically displayed on racks or shelves. Most will be unrefrigerated - there many be a refrigerated bottle available in a drink cooler, or make good use of your in-room mini-fridge.

These wines are occasionally available at some retail locations outside of the parks and Disney Springs - check your local shop as well as the internet to find out more.

~Cheers & Ears

More Information:

More information about the Bronco Wine Company and their portfolio of wines can be found on the company website:

More information about Once Upon a Vine wines can be found via Bronco Wine's website ( or on this short YouTube video:


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