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Wines of Space220

Space220 is finally touching down in EPCOT! And the wine list is (don't say it) out of this world! (Oh you said it). Yes - I said it and I mean it! This is certainly an elevated wine menu from EPCOT's newest dining location. Let's discuss...

What stood out to me upon my first review of the wine list was the caliber of offerings. Most in park restaurants have a fairly straight-forward wine list. And I don't mean that in a negative way. Rather, they cover the basics, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon, from producers you likely recognize from your local name brand liquor store. For Disney parks it makes sense; you are likely taking an AC break amid ride hoping and a familiar glass of white is nice and easy. There are a handful of exceptions in parks (looking at you Tiffins) that encourage a slower paced, eased mealtime. The stellar and more varied wine lists are typically found at Disney Springs and at the on-site resort hotels. Which brings me back to why the players on the Space220 wine list are so impressive.

Space220 is bringing in name recognition brands (e.g. Decoy), with more niche brands (Kurt Russell's Gogi Vineyard) and brands with big flavors (and some bigger price tags like The Prisoner and Mollydooker).

As with any restaurant, Disney or otherwise, the wine offerings are by the glass and by the bottle. We will start with by the glass wines. The list of offerings by the glass is the same for lunch and dinner; divided by sparkling wines, white wines and red wines. Most of us Disney fans are used to the elevated prices at our beloved theme park, though the wine prices are on par with costs in other restaurants around the US. With Space220 offering by the glass pours of some of the higher-end wines, you can try that fancy wine for a lesser price than buying the whole bottle. (And if you end up liking it, you can buy a bottle at your local liquor store for cheaper when you get home). Both the whites and reds have a range of grapes and styles; you'll be able to find something no matter your preference (earthy or fruity, light bodied or full bodied). Rosé lovers! Rosé wines, two are offered, are not in their own section. The rosés (as of writing this blog) are located under the White Wines headings.

By. The. Bottle. With 50+ offerings, it will be a hard choice. The by the bottle offerings are broken down into more specific sections. Under White Wines, there are sections for Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Others. This is done similarly with the red wines. I'm a huge fan of the Others section on wine menus; that's where the "being normal is vastly overrated" wines hang out. The bottle selections come in at a variety of every price points for your budget. And a bottle of Dom Perignon for $295 if you don't have a budget (in which case take me with you!)

I think you'd be happy with anything you picked from the wine menu at Space220!

~Cheers & Ears!

Note from the author: All the information in this blog post is from the Space220 website ( All information is accurate as of September 21st 2021. Wine menus at restaurants change often (yay! more fun to go back) - please review the wine lists on the restaurant's website or Disney World website prior to your visit to ensure the most up-to-date menus.

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