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Wine Inspired By: Thackery Binx

The perfect wine for:

1) Saving your little sister

2) Being turned into a cat

3) Managing chaos resulting from the lighting of the Black Flame Candle

4) All of the above

Happy HalloWine! This Black Cat Riesling from Germany is inspired by Thackery Binx of Hocus Pocus. A delightful easy drinking German Riesling that tastes great and would look super cute as a festive decoration. Plan to serve this at your Halloween party this year! Or while saving Salem, Massachusetts from the Sanderson Sisters....

Wine Information:

🤍 Moselland Black Cat Riesling

◻️Profile: 10% Abv, off-dry, medium body, medium-high acidity. Notes of: apple, apple, apple! Ripe, baked and golden apples with nutmeg and golden raisins, just like the filling of apple pie.

◽️ Grape: Riesling

▫️ 📍Rheinhessen, Germany

~Cheers & Ears!

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