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Finish Line Wine

Crossing a finish line, of any event, of any distance is its own reward. You trained hard. You ran hard. And to celebrate, a glass of bubbles at the end. At runDisney events, they know how to help us celebrate - Champagne! Worth running for, don't ya think?

You may already know that a sparkling wine has to be from Champagne, France in order to be called Champagne. All other sparkling wine, is sparkling wine. All sparkling wine, from Prosecco to Cava, are perfect to celebrate any occasion. That occasion may be crossing a finish line, or a Friday night, or a new job, or you're just in the mood. Basically, you don't need to wait for a reason to drink bubbles.

The team at Disney staffs a beverage tent at race finish lines to help runners celebrate. No need to speed - they will be open until the event officially shuts down, and they don't even open until 6am! (But if you are finished, or spectating, you can get in line for that triumphant opening at 6am! Bright and early! Just kidding, not bright, just early).

Marathon 2023 Menu

One of the options (the only sparkling wine/wine) is Moët & Chandon; a storied Champagne house with a long history in the Champagne region of France. The price for a plastic flute of the bubbles, currently, is $14. Sadly, you can't reuse the plastic flute for a discounted refill like you can the plastic beer cups. Boo. And yes, plastic flutes. It is much safer in that environment to have the plastic flutes. If you are curious to the style of Champagne, it says it on the menu - "brut" which means it will be a dry style of Champagne.

And they do mean Champagne business! After a particularly taxing event, I ordered "the sparkling wine" a little dazed still from my accomplishment. To which the cast member said, "the Champagne?" Ah yes. A momentous occasion deserving of excellent quaffs - whichever offering you'd like.

After you get your drink, hang out nearby at the tables and enjoy watching others celebrate. If you still have some leg strength, you can walk around the parking lot finisher area to enjoy the DJ and see everyone's costumes (though they are probably a bit damp and droopy at this point!) A little tired and a little sweaty can be perked right up with a little bubbly.

I've heard, cannot confirm, that Marathon Weekend is the highest alcohol consumption weekend on WDW property. Not just of the 4 runDisney weekends, like ALL the weekends. Like, I said, I cannot confirm what I've heard, but I wouldn't be surprised. Run hard. Celebrate Hard.

Though please celebrate responsibly! And make sure you hydrate with water or your non-alcoholic beverage of choice too. And refuel. Carbs & salt are good for refueling, which is, essentially, a Mickey Pretzel - now that is being responsible!

Cheers & Marathon Ears!

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