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All About: Buying Wine at Disney Hotels

Heading to Disney in 2020? Even as the magic returns, you already know it will look different. Many shops and restaurants still remaining closed, park hours are reduced, some hotels have yet to reopen their doors. In a year spent looking for silver linings - a trip to Walt Disney World during this time can allow for time to do things on property you may not normally do. That ride you always skip because it isn't a "must do" - you can try it. Getting the chance to use the pool at your resort - ah day relaxing in the sunshine.

Today I'm here with another idea for your upcoming Walt Disney World stay. Enjoying a leisurely bottle of wine at your resort. Because, the gift shop is still open for business! Read on for more information......

At every Disney World hotel you enter, exit, accidently wander into at some point...the gift shop. There are plenty of tempting wares on hand (I like to get stuff at my hotel gift shop so I don't have to carry it around the parks) - and that includes adult beverages. The gift shops will have a display, whether racks or shelves, of bottles of wine; from sparkling to white and red. With a valid id showing you are over the age of 21+ (the legal drinking age in the United States) you can purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy.

Wine Display (For Purchase) at All-Star Movies

Here are some of the pros to buying a bottle at your hotel gift shop to enjoy:

  • The price will still be higher than at your local liquor store - but it will be cheaper than a bottle at a restaurant

  • You can bring it back to you room to enjoy. May I recommend watching the televised Magic Kingdom Fireworks while you enjoy?

  • If the pool bar is too crowded, you can enjoy a nightcap safely.

  • The hotels have mini fridges - so you can keep your white wine chilled.

And of course an important note....Some of the bottles are corkscrew tops. Meaning you'll have to buy a corkscrew to open it (they are conveniently located next to the wine). If you anticipate purchasing a bottle on your trip, I would suggest packing a small corkscrew. Just remember to put it in checked luggage.

Yeah, it is a weird year. But there is always something to celebrate. And wine is always delicious.

~Cheers & Ears


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